Happy Mother’s Day

Maa, is the first word spoken by every child. The sacrifices she made for her family is incomparable. Like sky has no limits, our mothers sacrifices in upbringing of their children has no limits. It should be saluted. Only Maa can do this. Without her, we can’ t even think a single day of our life. She can feel our happiness, our fear, our sorrow before even we tell her.

According to me, to celebrate mother’s Day, there should be no limits. We should celebrate every day as a Mother’s Day, to encourage them, to salute their contribution for us, their unconditional love for us, their bravery to save us from any hurdles in our life.

She can do every possible thing to fullfil our dreams, to mould our personality to be a good human being. She is the book in which we write each and every chapter of our life.

If you really want to celebrate motherhood. Then, firstly go and give a big hug to your mother and say thank you. Thank you maa for being with us in every phase of life.

Thank you maa for your appreciation. Thank you for everything.

Salute to all mothers of the world.

Happy Mother’s Day

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow Priyanka ,so pleased to see your writing must say you are a brilliant writer.Every word of your writing is so thoughtful and meaningful that reminds us what is Motherhood all about .I love not just my mom but also all those women who give me love and affection like their child so Happy Mother’s Day..

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